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Ways To Get Freelance Writing Jobs Online In India

Today’s digital era has opened up a range of avenues for skilled professionals to earn money. Freelancing is one such avenue that people are resorting to for making some passive or full-time income. A freelancer is a person that works for one or multiple clients at a given time on mutually agreeable terms. Though the concept of freelancing is not new, the trend of working on a freelance basis has gained momentum over the past years. The rising number of searches for freelance writing jobs online in India proves that people are more concerned to find out ways of earning through freelance writing.

If you are someone who has used the internet to find out some good freelance content writing jobs, then this blog is for you. Whenever you conduct a search for freelance writing jobs online for beginners, either a list of freelance platforms appears on the first page, or the links to job portals are shown.

I have worked as a freelance content writer for 3+ years now. Whatever ways you are adopting now, to find freelance jobs online today have already been exercised by me. As an experienced freelancer, let me tell you that there are thousands of people like you who are searching for freelance writing jobs online. Talk about any freelance platform; they are already saturated with a lot of freelancers.

Then how are you supposed to get freelance writing jobs online for beginners in India? When I started as a freelancer, I had little to no idea about the freelance market, and the ways in which I can get a job. I made endless mistakes and also worked for peanuts in the initial stage. This blog won’t contain generic information, as it has been written based on my 3+ years of experience. Without further delay, let’s get to the main point.

Finding freelance projects from different freelance platforms

If you have already done your part of searching freelance sites online, then you must have come across names like Upwork, Fiverr, WorknHire, PeoplePerHour, and many others. In case, you haven’t registered in any of these platforms, then let me tell you that getting a freelance gig won’t be easy here. All these platforms are saturated with freelancers.

What’s worse is the clients’ usually prefer to hire profiles that have reviews and ratings by other work providers. Basically, there are seldom chances that a good-paying client will choose a new profile over the older one. Though you should give these platforms a try for finding freelance jobs, but relying too much on them won’t be a good idea.

Searching for paid online writing jobs on social media platforms

The social media platforms are no longer used for networking purpose alone. Today, all the social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and different other platforms can be used for getting freelance writing jobs online. I will share a detailed blog post on how to source freelance projects from each of these platforms later. As of now, let me tell you that all these platforms can be used to show your creative writing skills to potential clients.

If you are a Facebook user (which you obviously must be), then you should have seen several groups for content writers. Though you can get freelance work from such groups, but the chances of getting genuine clients remains scarce. You need to be wise and attentive before picking work from any such group. As far as platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are concerned, you can use them to showcase your portfolio or creative skills to bag the best freelance writing jobs.

Bagging freelance writing jobs by proving your worth

It is one of the best and most effective ways to get good freelance projects. Clients want to hire writers that can write unique and engaging content that brings conversion to them. If you cannot write such a copy for self, then how will you do it for your clients? If you want to stand out, then instead of asking for work, start showing what you are capable of. Now, you need to be aware of where your potential clients are before you can start showing your skills. Over the duration of 3 years, this is one method that earned me 90% of my clients. You can try doing these things for a better result:

  • Try to write guest blog posts and attach a link from where a potential client can contact you
  • Write on Medium, and grow your audience there
  • Share your work on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other relevant platforms

Believe it or not, but resumes are not as effective as they used to be earlier. For people belonging to the creative area, this statement holds the highest value. You need to prove your worth before you can actually start getting consistent workflow and good income.

If you follow the tips shared in this blog, then you may get freelance writing jobs online. Writing is an art, and you need to master it to set your foot in the freelance writing industry. Always focus on creating content that adds value to the user, as it is the only thing that will bring conversions, and will fulfill the requirement for which you were hired. Create your portfolio, if you don’t have one.

Bonus tipB

It may sound absurd and demotivational, but the truth is you won’t get good rates if you’re a beginner. Though there are some exceptions to this case too, but you cannot expect everyone to receive the same set of benefit, or can you? My only advice as an experienced freelance writer is that it’s ok if you are not getting what you want during the first 6 months.

Consider it to be your training period, and focus more on learning and honing your writing skills. Once you get your hands on writing and understand the nitty-gritty of it, then earning good bucks and getting genuine clients won’t be a problem. Always remember, your current pay is not your final pay.

I tried to share and cover as many points as I could think of. If you feel I have left out something or you want me to answer some specific questions related to freelance writing jobs, then do leave a comment below. I would be happy to cover the missing elements in my upcoming blog. Also, let me know whether you found this blog useful or not.

Thanks for reading till the end!   

Niharika Gupta

I'm a wanderer that finds solace in writing. I created "The Millennials Express" to talk about the topics that are not much-talked-about but deserve peoples attention. Motivating people through my writings, spreading awareness, sharing my learnings, experiences, and thoughts are my favorites.

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  1. Tanvi Mishra says:

    Super informative…Thanks for sharing Niharika

  2. Nishant Choudhary says:

    Nice post Niharika! BUT #honestReview The ratio for the amount of words that I read here on this blog post to the value I received [value/words] is way too less. Unsatisfactory! I would appreciate if you would write more TO-THE-POINT about the topics that you’re going to cover in future as mentioned in this post. By The Way Great Initiative, beginners like me need to hear from someone who is not already that big-shot for realistic expectations and holistic growth as a writer.

    • Niharika Gupta says:

      Thank you so much for sharing an honest review Nishant. I really appreciate constructive feedback. Actually, I was approached by many people for assistance that had no idea what freelancing exactly is, and they wanted to know my story too. So it was written in a way that even a layman can understand. But I assure that the upcoming blogs will be more TO-THE-POINT. Point noted 🙂

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